Lilly Pulitzer is a clothing brand started by a woman selling citrus juice at a stand in Florida. Lilly was a well-known socialite who also became famous for her unique and beautiful clothing. With the help of the Internet, Lilly Pulitzer clearance fashions are easy to find online.

Lilly and her husband, Herbert Pulitzer, Jr. owned numerous citrus groves in Florida during the 1950s. Lilly began selling juice at her own stand and she soon realized the process of making the juice left her clothing badly stained. To help keep her appearance neat, she designed a simple shift dress made of bright colors and patterns, to camouflage the citrus stains.

She began her fashion career during the 1950s; she became head of her own company in 1959. Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. manufactured sleeveless, shift dresses with bright, colorful patterns; these dresses became very popular, very quickly. Lilly soon began selling more dresses, than juice, so she decided to focus solely on selling fashion. Luckily, for Lilly, her school mate, Jackie Kennedy, “fell in love” with the simple designs and intricate patterns. A photo of Jackie, showing her wearing one of Lilly’s dresses helped the fashion line burst onto the world scene. Many socialites clambered to be seen wearing one of Lilly’s famous dresses.

From 1960 until 1984 the company sold dresses to the public; however, in 1984 Lilly decided to close her business completely. Fortunately for today’s consumers, Her brand, style and bold colors is now available on today’s market. Sugartown Worldwide, Inc. bought the rights to the company in 1983. Lilly Pulitzer clearance consists of not only dresses, but also includes such items as men’s clothing and children’s clothing. With the addition of stationery in 2010, the brand now includes jewelry, shoes plus accessories for the home such as the Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits and their home collection. Lilly Pulitzer on sale is easy to find online and is even more affordable when you use a Lilly Pulitzer promo code.

Consumers love the look and love the story. A self-made business woman who took a simple idea and turned it into a success story; this is “The American Experience” and people love it. Lilly’s clothing is a “must-have” item, for any preppy woman. So famous that, in 2011, a lifestyle plus fashion history museum, in Boynton Beach, Florida, ran an exhibit of Lilly’s clothing for many months. It is the epitome of fashion in Palm Beach County during the 1960s and through out the mid 1980s.

fashionable Lilly Pulitzer clearance

Clearance Sales At The Lilly Pulitzer Outlet

Lilly allows consumers to buy these beautiful fashion pieces affordably. The internet allows consumers to access these clearance sales, quickly and easily. Permit her fashion designs to enhance not only your wardrobe but also your home. This brand began during the 1950s; however, with today’s bold colors and striking patterns, Lilly’s designs are perfect for today’s fashions.

A preppy look plus simple designs, including bright and attractive patterns, allow this clothing line to transcend decades. This fantastic clothing line keeps busy moms in mind while still capturing a keen fashion sense. Simply put, men, women and children love how they look when they wear Lilly Pulitzer fashions.

Consumers can wear an American icon without breaking the bank. Simple designs plus intricate patterns create a clothing line that masks stains. It also allows individuals to look fashion forward at the same time. Both Floridians and socialites have long since known of the value and beauty that this fashion style offers. With the help of the Internet, the rest of the world is catching on, as well. Lilly remains “on hand” as a creative consultant to the company; she continually approves new fabrics, new designs plus fabulous new product lines like their famous croakies.

Children Love The Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection

backgrounds in their roomsThe busy patterns and bright colors of these designs are perfect for babies, toddlers and especially small children. Children love the colors and patterns while parents can appreciate the camouflage it offers, as well. Children are notorious for soiling their clothes with drink juices, milk and all kinds of baby food. Lilly Pulitzer clearance makes it easy to shop online. Dress your family in Lilly’s fashions; it helps keep their appearance clean and neat, through out the day. That said, using these as background in their rooms give it a positive feel to it all.

Since the 1950s, the brand has been on the forefront of fashion design. Originally, her fashions only included brightly colored shift dresses; however, in the last few decades, the fashion line has expanded to include fashions for the home and office. If you are a fan of Pulitzer, you are in luck. You can now even find the most compelling laptop cases out there beautifully decorated with her designs.

Lilly Pulitzer bedding is on trend with today’s fashions. These fashions are bright, bold colors that mix and match easily. Attention to detail is the key. Lilly uses super soft fabrics manufactured from long-staple Egyptian cotton, with beautiful trims such as lace, ruffles and ribbons. This is what consumers have come to expect from Lilly Pulitzer home fashions.

The clothes are not only for adults. To the contrary, you can find many fashionable dresses for kids that use these colorful and remarkable patterns. There is a good chance that a store near you holds a warehouse sale soon. Just do an online search using your location and be surprised.

Update Your Wardrobe With A Lilly Pulitzer Clearance

If you are shopping on a budget, you will find the best deals at the Lilly Pulitzer outlet store; this is where the best online prices can be found. Shopping online for Lilly’s fashions is quick and easy. Outlets offer the best prices on Lilly’s beautiful fashions. Our artists handcraft each pattern. Each one includes bright, beautiful patterns; this is the secret to our designs. Every season we choose a different color palette, and we use only original artwork to help bring the designs to life.

The New Colorful Lilly Pulitzer Planner

Perhaps, one of the newest additions is the Lilly Pulitzer planner and they are extremely popular. These 7” by 9” monthly planners are as beautiful as they are functional; they include addresses and phone numbers, monthly spreads, colored tabs, dates to celebrate and more. The planner has a heavy plastic spiral cover with a differently designed creation for each month. Consumers love the pockets, the stickers, and how well it keeps them organized through out the year.

Lilly Pulitzer PlannerOur artists have a passion for fashion; it shows in every stitch of our clothing, and in our home fashions, as well. Each season we strive to develop bold, rich colors that are on-trend and blend these with comfortable, yet stylish fashions. Simple, yet bold; the idea is straightforward and ingenious. Consumers have grown to love their for both their home and families. A designer look, with artist flair, this is what Lilly does best.

Numerous positive online reviews say it all. Consumers love the look, the feel, and especially, the attention to detail that makes Lilly Pulitzer fashions famous. Crisp, simple designs made from sumptuous materials are why consumers return. The brand has expanded to include cell phone accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry. The possibilities are endless. If you love the brand and enjoy the designs, you are in luck. There are so many choices and selections available online you need never worry.

Besides the planner, you can also easily wrap your gifts with impressive wrapping paper that goes hand in hand with your favorite style. Getting a gift that is wrapped with this paper will instantly trigger a positive impact on your loved ones.

Where To Find A Lilly Pulitzer Sale

A Lilly Pulitzer clearance sale makes furnishing your home, your office and even your bedroom fun, easy and affordable. The line is expanding into personal accessories as well as fashions for the home. Shopping online for clearance prices is affordable, quick and easy. Low prices and artistic designs plus fast shipping, it just does not get better than this. Check back often for the best selections, and the best prices.